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Luke Molver was born in Durban, South Africa, at a very early age.

From childhood, he was always pretty convinced that reality was a poor substitute for imagination, and decided that telling stories with pictures would be far preferable to ever getting any sort of real job.

Luke studied Graphic Design, obtaining his BTech Honours degree with distinction. He soon realized however, that he did not like Graphic Design at all, and would rather papercut his eyeballs than waste another day in a life already tragically misspent between the crushing cogs of the advertising & design industries.

So, after a few oddjobs washing hands in the abattoir and making feet for children’s shoes, he set about building himself a modest reputation as a freelance illustrator, which would enable him to keep his own hours, command his own rates, and work naked from home.

Luke has been published numerous times in visual media over the years, including Mamba Comix, the Laugh It Off annuals, the Velocity Graphic Anthology and Graflit: Graveyard Literature in South Africa. He also self-publishes his own sci-fi comic book series ‘Nero‘, and his southern gothic horror tale ‘Sunday’s Slave’.

Luke is the greatest swordsman in the Seven Kingdoms, and enjoys eating chicken noodle soup from the skulls of his enemies.

He recently completed writing and illustrating the historical graphic novel ‘Shaka Rising‘ and is currently working on its sequel. He still lives in Durban, in pretty much the same area where the characters of Shaka Rising built a kingdom two hundred years ago.