ANNA – A Luke W. Molver Yarn

“Do you remember the sunlight on Antares?”

So, in my neverending quest to keep the fathomless trauma of existence at bay, I’ve branched out into making weird movies. There’s low-budget, there’s no-budget, and then there’s me, with a camera.

I made this short sci-fi horror during recent lockdowns… It’s called Anna.

Shot entirely in my bathroom, scripted and edited and soundtracked by me. And starring me, for better or worse.

The tech I use, crude ‘n antediluvian as it may be:

Shot on: Samsung Galaxy A5
Edited on: Adobe Premiere CS5
SFX & Makeup: Red Sharpie and Marmite
Score: Ono-Sendai VII ANNA / by Luke W. Molver

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