An illustration I created for my friend Eliza Day.

Perdy is the anti-heroine protagonist of her novel-in-progress, Channel 5… a lurid and lyrical head-trip through a strange, mad, beautiful world.

“The thing is, that stuff really lives in that bloody water. In fact, it was the very stuff that lived there in weird synergy that kept the little sea of haemogoblins alive. Kind of like stomach acid, Perdy guessed. While she floated on the boogie board, legs astride and dangling in the crimson waves, little creepy fish nibbled on her toes. Occasionally you’d hear reports of piranha-like creatures covered in razor sharp teeth causing a frothing stir and disintegrating the odd hapless swimmer. Perdy was yet to encounter anything harsher than a sharp tug on her toes or sting here and there and so figured it was still a safe place to get wasted and take it all in.”

– Excerpt, ‘Channel 5’

Check out more of Eliza’s technicolour brainscapes on her site:



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