FanCon 2019 – Review

FanCon 2019 was a blast!

Comics, cosplay and creativity abounded. Sunday’s Slave Chapter II was launched to good sales, and as always it was a pleasure to chat to fans and hear their responses to my work – very positive and encouraging!

The FanCon organizers once more came through with a fantastic selection of local and international guests; including British artist and writer John Higgins – a veteran of the comic industry who has worked on such iconic titles as Judge Dredd, Watchmen and Batman: The Killing Joke. I was fortunate enough to chat to Mr. Higgins and get a very encouraging portfolio review of my own work!

Together with a few other local creators, I was also part of a panel discussing South African Identity in Comics. Very cool chat with some great audience engagement!

Thank you to my dearest Tasmin, my partner in crime ‘n comics, for being a part of this experience.

And thanks as always to FanCon Cape Town for putting on another great convention!

Check out some pics below, and more at their Facebook page…

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