‘Four Shots’ Comic Book Expo – 8th October 2013

Four Shots Comic Book Exhibition
Tuesday 8th October 2013
The Collective Gallery

‘Four Shots’ is a one-night-only exhibition of the work of Luke Molver, Deon De Lange, Alastair Laird and Michael Croeser, who will each be launching their own self-published comic books at the event.After successfully plying their illustrated wares at the recent Open Book Fair in Cape Town, these four graphic storytellers felt an exhibition of comic book art was something their hometown of Durban needed to be exposed to.

The work of these artists showcases an incredible diversity of style and content…

Luke Molver’s Nero: Genesis is a sprawling science fiction tale of love, death, and the nature of God, set in the sunbleached cities of a cyberpunked South Africa…

Deon De Lange’s Gofu begins the story of a gentle behemoth who must flee extinction with his only friend Tatsu, and seek a new home in a unknown world…

Alastair Laird’s anthology Agenda is a pulped-out ultrazine with a spectrum of style from Chris Ware to Johnny Ryan. From panel to panel you will laugh, cry, and possibly pleasure yourself…

Michael Croeser’s Stupor Model is a lilting, weightless adventure into the wordless worlds beyond our dreams…

Comic books and art will be on sale at the event, and the artists will be on hand for autographs, questions, lapdances and, heaven forbid… possible job opportunities.

The event is free, with a cash bar available.

So pull in, Durban, and get some comic book culture in your craniums.


'Four Shots' Comic Book Launch

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