Open Book Comics Fest 2016

Ahoy homies!

So Nero: Metamorphosis is back from the printers, and it’s lookin’ siiiiiick! 64 pages of cyber-fi punknoir grit-lit ready to assault your brainballs, prepare yo’selves. I’ve also reprinted the first volume, Nero: Genesis with new covers and added director’s cut dialogue, so you can get the full story of the Neroverse and other workings of my addled mind….

I will also be selling limited edition A3 prints, as well as tee shirts featuring comic art from the Nero series, printed by the fine folks at Tshirt Terrorist, check out their site here…

All this and more available Saturday and Sunday at the Open Book Comics Fest in Cape Town, South Africa… a smorgasbord of extraordinary local talent will be on offer, if you’re in town this weekend and have any interest in comics, pop culture or rad art, then this is where you need to be!

Check out for more details…

Hope to see you there!


nero_2016_2 nero_2016_3 nero_2016_1

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