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Recently my newest comic book Shaka Rising was released in the United States, published by Storypress Africa.

The book will be available on South African shelves soon, but in the meantime you can order your own copies from the publisher’s website at

The story of Shaka Zulu has been heard in numerous incarnations and retellings, many of them woefully inaccurate. This is understandable to a degree, as there are very few written or oral records of Shaka’s reign. The ones that do exist are unreliable, such as the diary of Henry Fynn which was little more than the self-aggrandizement of a known criminal. The veracity of oral records have also proved to be often dubious, as passed through the generations by those who sought to sully Shaka’s legacy (such as his own half-brother and assassin, Dingane).

My comic book Shaka Rising aims to correct some of these inaccuracies, working with research from some of the foremost Shakan scholars, including Dan Wylie and Carolyn Hamilton. Indeed, the aim of Storypress Africa is to bring African stories, told by Africans, to a global audience – Shaka Rising is the first in this series of African graphic novels.

Herewith, a brief synopsis of Shaka Rising, and an animated trailer I made using imagery from the comic…

It is a time of bloody conflict and turmoil in the late 18th century, as the European-backed slave-trade in spreads like a cancer across Africa. Here begins the saga of the charismatic and cunning young Zulu prince Shaka, who consolidates a new kingdom and carves a future for his people through both warfare and diplomacy, uniting the tribes under his rule against all invaders…


[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Shaka%20Rising”]

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